Cottage By The Sea

Charity - Cottage by the Sea
Item/s - Knitted or Crocheted Blankets, Toiletry and Tote Bags

Cottage by the Sea is a non-government, registered charity that empowers disadvantaged children by supporting them in developing their self-esteem, health and well-being. We offer weekly camp programs in a safe, enjoyable and relaxed seaside holiday environment, encouraging children to celebrate their own success and that of others. Our vision is that every child deserves a happy and a healthy life.

We offer camps to children marginalised for a wide range of reasons, e.g. family breakdown and/or dysfunction, domestic violence, emotional/physical trauma, social/economic disadvantage, cultural disadvantage, refugee status or lack of educational opportunities. 1,200 children each year enjoy the experience of a lifetime at Cottage by the Sea.

We are happy to receive any donations of knitted goods, in particular knitted or crocheted blankets as these are a great comfort to the children who attend our camps in the colder weather and a great memento of their camp experience. Toiletry and tote bags are fantastic items for the children also. Please send donations to 29 Flinders Street, Queenscliff, Victoria 3225. For more information visit our Facebook page or website: