Pregnancy Loss Australia

Charity - Pregnancy Loss Australia
Item/s - Beanies, Booties, Blankets, Gowns and Smocks

Pregnancy Loss Australia (formerly known as Teddy Love Club) is a national support program for bereaved families who suffer the loss of their baby or babies from miscarriage, stillbirth, termination for feotal abnormality and neo natal loss through our early support program and professional support services.

We provide parents with the comfort of knowing they are not alone right from the beginning, and offer significant ongoing support and understanding to bereaved parents, their families and their friends.

The program operates in every state of Australia with the program provided to every maternity hospital across the country. We are leading the way in providing professional support, guidance and comfort to bereaved parents, their families and friends.

As part of the PLA program, we often receive items that we pass on to the hospitals to use for premmie and stillborn babies. We accept the little hats/beanies, gowns or smocks, booties and even little blankets. Any items to be donated can be sent to us at Pregnancy Loss Australia, PO Box 7176, West Lakes, SA, 5021 and we can then send them out to hospitals when we do our own allocation of resources. Our allocations are done twice a year and we send our resources to every maternity hospital in Australia. For more information visit our Facebook page or website below: