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Charity - Sands Queensland
Item/s - Memory Bags, Blankets & Clothing (patterns provided)
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Sands Queensland provides support, information, education and advocacy for parents and families who experience the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, newborn death or other pregnancy losses. Sands Queensland supports parents no matter how long since the death of their baby. Whether newly bereaved or whether your baby died some years ago, we are here to help you find the support and information you need.

We currently have a handmade memory bag program that requires items to be made to specific patterns detailed on our website HERE We hand make the bag to a specific pattern and provide material. We also make the keepsake blanket given inside the bag. The bag is called 'Butterfly: a gift for bereaved parents' and we have Butterfly Coordinators who distribute them to hospitals. Each Coordinator, depending on their hospital's need can also make outfits and blankets from the listed patterns found online HERE. There is also a Facebook page for the Beloved Butterfly Gifts which details items needed and patterns. For more information please visit our organisation's Facebook page or website.